Develop the skills to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, anticipate the future and drive outcomes

Critical Thinking Professionals have the skills and frameworks to facilitate rapid decision making, successfully navigate uncertainty and drive success. Critical Thinking Professionals are versatile thinkers who can mobilise others to identify risk and pivot towards opportunities and develop dynamic strategies for a range of potential scenarios.

The Critical Thinking Professional Accreditation is currently *fee-free until 1st January 2021.

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“Team-based critical thinking allows us to be both agile and robust in our decision making, drawing upon the brains trust of our organisation in uncertain times”

CEO, Energy Company

What You Will Learn

Critical Thinking Professionals apply their skills using the 7-step framework to:

  • Align a diverse group of stakeholders on complex issues with incomplete information
  • Generate new perspectives and unique insights within changing circumstances
  • Re-calibrate and re-orient strategy using real-time data
  • Work with cross-functional teams and at all levels of the organisation
  • Consider best and worst-case scenarios and develop dynamic plans to support them
  • Reach consensus on risks and opportunities across the enterprise
  • Consider ALL impact areas and identify immediate actions for now and later
  • Make informed decisions with incomplete or changing information
  • Develop contingency plans for a range of potential scenarios and outcomes

Critical Thinking Professionals are trained to use the 7-step framework either within a 1-hour timeframe in rapidly changing circumstances or over a 2-3 hour timeframe as a strategy and planning activity.

A Critical Thinking Professional is able to work in high intensity situations such as crisis events, war room activities and strategy re-calibration activities. Their expertise can also be implemented in project review activities and for recovery planning and design.

About the Master Facilitators


Ryan is a transformation and innovation lead with experience in service design and large organisational restructures. He uses a combination of Customer Centered Design, Lead Six Sigma and Critical Thinking to achieve key business objectives for complex client initiatives.

Ryan is a Critical Thinking Master Facilitator


Jonathan has niche expertise in critical thinking, complex problem solving and enabling team-based decision making. He helps organisations execute strategy and deliver change and transformation projects. Jonathan is leading the Critical Thinking Accreditation Program and working with organisations to uplift capability.

Jonathan is a Critical Thinking Master Facilitator

Benefits of Critical Thinking Professional Accreditation


Adopt an innovative approach to collaboration by unleashing your critical thinking potential using an intuitive 7-step process to decision making



Accelerate your team-based decision making during times of scrutiny, incomplete or conflicting infromation, compressed times frames and significant impacts



Define clear strategy, lead focused teams, and generate rapid decision-making enterprise-wide using a simple framework for all levels of employee

Accreditation Stages

The Accreditation program was developed to embed and uplift critical thinking skills for business. There are 3 levels available within the program:

Level 1 Critical Thinking Professional:

An individual with exceptional thinking skills who can apply critical thinking process to a range of problems whilst taking input from others.

Level 2 Critical Thinking Specialist:

A specialist who can lead teams through critical decision points, enable complex problem solving and drive outcomes.

Level 3 Critical Thinking Master Facilitator:

A facilitator who can lead or sponsor any team, from the executive to the project team, to enable team-based critical thinking and uplift capability across the whole organisation.

Program Structure

The Critical Thinking Professional Accreditation is completed through eLearning modules, virtual labs, scenario-based discussions, case-study examples and on-line assessments. The accreditation program offers a framework to enabling team-based decision making and provides practical skills and tools to uplift individual critical thinking capability.

Strong critical thinkers are defined by their ability to make decisions with incomplete or conflicting information, high levels of scrutiny, compressed timeframes and where they can successfully navigate through critical decision points. If you are considering up-skilling whilst in the current environment, the Critical Thinking Professional Accreditation will provide you with a framework to apply the critical thinking process to a range of problems whilst taking input from others.

The 7-Step process forms the foundation of the Critical Thinking Accreditation and is used by some of Australia’s brightest minds to analyse, synthesis and clarify on some of the nation’s most complex organisational issues. In order to obtain the accreditation, you must complete the required activities and any of the optional activities provided to an accumulated score of 100. Once you have completed and passed the final assessment, you will receive your Critical Thinking Professional Accreditation. There is a no allocated time-frame for this accreditation and can be managed on a personal basis. The estimated duration of the course is 10 Hours.

The following table outlines activities that can be undertaken to complete the accreditation process:

Complete eLearning Module    10 Points       Required   
Attend Critical Thinking Virtual Lab    40 Points       Required   
Complete and Pass Critical Thinking Accreditation Assessment    10 Points       Required   
Participate in Navigating Critical Decisions Lab    40 Points       Optional   
Co-facilitate War Room for your organisation with Janellis team    40 Points       Optional   
Undertake an on-site activity with current organisation to solve a current problem    20 Points       Optional   
Provide a written, visual or verbal brief on how the 7-Step process has been applied    20 Points       Optional   
Facilitate a Critical Thinking Lab    40 Points       Optional   

Course Overview

Organisations operating during times of ‘extreme change’ experience significantly more stress than during ‘business as-usual’.

The capacity to respond well to change is heavily dependent on adaptive decision-making and leaders are looking for individuals who are agile, able to learn new skills quickly, solve problems and make decisions with confidence.

To support individuals and organisations in responding to COVID-19, Janellis is offering the Critical Thinking Professional Accreditation fee-free until September 2020.

   Provider:    Critical Thinking Hub/Janellis Australia
   Accreditation:    Critical Thinking Professional   
   Cost:    Covid-19 fee-free   
   Mode: Online
   Sessions Available:    Fortnightly   
   Language:    English   
   Effort:    3-4 Hours per week   
   Duration:    10 Hours    

Your Accreditation

Once you have completed the Critical Thinking Professional Accreditation, you will be presented with your certificate.

To demonstrate your Critical Thinking capability, we will register you as a Critical Thinking Professional and give you access to display this publicly on your LinkedIn profile.

As you progress through the Critical Thinking Accreditation, this accreditation can be upgraded to Critical Thinking Specialist, and Critical Thinking Master Facilitator.

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