Develop your team's ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, anticipate the future and drive outcomes

Critical Thinking Professionals have the skills and frameworks to facilitate rapid decision-making, successfully navigate uncertainty and drive success. They are versatile thinkers who can mobilise others to identify risk, pivot towards opportunities and develop dynamic strategies for a range of potential scenarios.

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“Team-based critical thinking allows us to be both agile and robust in our decision making, drawing upon the brains trust of our organisation in uncertain times”

CEO, Energy Company

Learning Outcomes

The Critical Thinking Accreditation Program is designed to improve the speed and quality of decision-making, uplift critical thinking skills, and enable individuals and organisations to become more resilient.

It is underpinned by a 7-Step process that is simple, intuitive and can be used for all types of decision-making including individual and team-based.  It can be applied at all levels of an organisation and used immediately for urgent decisions as well as those where there is more time and/or complexity.

Critical Thinking Professionals apply their skills using the
7-Step Process to:

  • Generate new perspectives and unique insights within changing circumstances.
  • Provide a more robust, objective, and transparent approach to decision-making.
  • Drive collaboration and build a shared view of risks and opportunities.
  • Uncover blind spots, vulnerabilities, and bias.
  • Align a diverse group of stakeholders on complex issues with incomplete information.
  • Re-calibrate and re-orient strategy using real-time data.
  • Support cross-functional teams and at all levels of the organisation.
  • Develop plans for a range of potential scenarios and outcomes.
  • Uplift critical thinking capability.

Critical Thinking Professional Accreditation

To find out more about our Critical Thinking Accreditation, download the information brochure by clicking the button below.

Professional Accreditation

7 Step Process

Enabling Team-Based Critical Thinking

High quality decision-making is underpinned by critical thinking skills. 

The 7-Step Process draws upon a combination of strategic and critical thinking skills and harnesses the diverse experiences and perspectives of the team to enable complex problem solving.

The tool can be used in situations that require rapid decision-making by individuals as well as team-based decision making for more complex or emerging situations.

Following the 7-Steps enables and uplifts team-based critical thinking.

More on the 7-Step Process

Benefits of Critical Thinking Professional Accreditation


Enhance your critical thinking skills using an intuitive 7-step process that supports high-quality decision-making. Align complex stakeholders, generate new perspectives and drive collaboration.

Critical thinking Team


Uplift critical thinking skills and enhance the speed and quality of decision-making.  Enable cross-functional teams to collaborate using a framework that is robust and transparent.

Creating a Thinking Organisation article >



Embed a unified decision-making framework that uplifts critical thinking skills, ensures consistent and high-quality decisions are being made and; builds organisational agility and resilience.

Case study example >

Case Study Examples of Using the Framework


Technology Team

The global team in a Nasdaq listed technology company completed the Janellis Critical Thinking Professional Accreditation Program to embed rigour and uniformity in everyday decision-making.

Case Study >


Project Team

The non-financial risk project team within a major Australian financial institution uses the critical thinking framework to improve the speed and quality of their decision-making for complex problems.

Case Study >


Risk Team

The risk team within a wealth management organisation completed the Critical Thinking Professional Program to embed a more transparent and objective approach to decision-making.

Case Study >

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Program Structure

The program is delivered through experiential ‘learning by doing’ training that uses real world scenarios and current challenges facing teams.  It involves executive case method learning and is:

  • Delivered in an efficient way within the workplace, via an eLearning platform and LIVE in-person/virtual or hybrid sessions.
  • Uses a customised digital delivery method using technology platforms already in use in organisations.
  • Utilises the Critical Thinking Lab format which facilitates social learning opportunities, models critical thinking behaviours and in-depth learning opportunities by applying the framework to strategic and risk-based decisions.
  • Supports teams to identify a current ‘situation’ or scenario and practise applying the framework in a team environment.
  • Embeds new learning and behaviours using branded Aide Memoires, social learning opportunities, access to eLearning content and an online assessment.
  • Recognises the learning achievements through Accreditation certification and LinkedIn digital Learning badge.

To find out more about our Critical Thinking Accreditation, download the information brochure by clicking the button below.

Professional Accreditation
Stage 1One–on–one meeting to identify capability, areas of interest and input into the Critical Thinking Lab and proposed scenario/s.
Access to core Critical Thinking content through customised eLearning platform.
Development of customised Learning Journey and scenarios.
Stage 2Critical Thinking Lab #1 includes core Critical Thinking content and scenario–based activities for both strategic and risk-based decisions.
Assignment of a practical follow up activity to apply the learnings.
Branded Decision Support Tool wallet card.
Stage 3One-on-one coaching to review how the framework has been applied.
Critical Thinking Lab #2 includes a current ‘situation’ or scenario developed by participant/s to practise applying the framework in a team environment to facilitate social learning opportunities.
Online Accreditation Assessment.
Critical Thinking Professional Certificate of Achievement.
Ongoing access to the eLearning resources.

About our Critical Thinking Labs

Phil Preston – Janellis Associate Director

Phil is a Critical Thinking Master Facilitator with professional experience at all levels of an organisation and across a range of industries including: banking and finance, insurance and energy. Master Facilitators enable experiential learning for teams by applying the framework to current challenges.

‘Open’ Critical Thinking Lab Preview

Janellis Critical Thinking Labs are live events and can be delivered in-person, on-line or hybrid.  They are facilitated in-house, off-site or at Janellis offices. This video is an ‘open’ Critical Thinking Lab held with leaders across a diverse range of industries.

Click below to register for one of our Critical Thinking Professional Labs


Accreditation Stages

The Accreditation program is used to embed and uplift critical thinking skills for business. There are 3 levels available within the program:

Level 1 Critical Thinking Professional:

An individual with exceptional thinking skills who can apply critical thinking process to a range of problems whilst taking input from others.

Level 2 Critical Thinking Specialist:

A specialist who can lead teams through critical decision points, enable complex problem solving and drive outcomes.

Level 3 Critical Thinking Master Facilitator:

A facilitator who can lead or sponsor any team, from the executive to the project team, to enable team-based critical thinking and uplift capability across the whole organisation.

Complete eLearning Module   10 Points      Required   
Attend Critical Thinking Virtual Lab   40 Points      Required   
Complete and Pass Critical Thinking Accreditation Assessment   10 Points      Required   
Participate in Navigating Critical Decisions Lab   40 Points      Optional   
Co-facilitate War Room for your organisation with Janellis team   40 Points      Optional   
Undertake an on-site activity with current organisation to solve a current problem   20 Points      Optional   
Provide a written, visual or verbal brief on how the 7-Step process has been applied   20 Points      Optional   

What Our Participants Say

“It was fascinating to experience a group of people from diverse organisational cultures using the framework to tackle the same problem.”

“In less than 90 mins we arrived at some of the same conclusions as many months of internal review.”

“A high calibre event with good diversity of sectors/verticals.”

Your Accreditation

Once you or your team have completed the Critical Thinking Professional Accreditation, you will be presented with your Certificate.

To demonstrate your Critical Thinking capability, we will register you or your team as a Critical Thinking Professional and give you access to display this publicly on your LinkedIn profile.

As you progress through the Critical Thinking Accreditation, this accreditation can be upgraded to Critical Thinking Specialist, and Critical Thinking Master Facilitator.

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