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Janellis has worked with leading organisations and government agencies to help execute strategy and build resilience since 1999.

We have niche expertise in working with executive leaders to help navigate through some of the most complex challenges, threats and opportunities their organisations are facing. We do this by uplifting and enabling team-based critical thinking.

Embedding team-based critical thinking is done through:

  • Access to Critical Thinking professionals, specialists and expert facilitators
  • Access to the 7-Step Decision Support Tool through aide memoires
  • Scenario-based training and experiential learning
  • On-line learning and social learning

Our tools have been embedded into organisations in industries including: aviation; banking and finance; construction; education; emergency services; insurance; hydro; manufacturing; transport; telecommunications and utilities.

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Team-Based Critical Thinking Culture

Effective team-based critical thinking depends on a strong culture of trust, a willingness to listen, the courage to contribute and a commitment to following the process.

Key characteristics include:

  • Leadership – ability to participate and lead ideas or themes
  • Integrity – to behave in a way that builds trust and fosters collaboration
  • Authenticity – to be willing to accept and share personal bias or constraints
  • Self-awareness – to understand personal strengths and areas for improvement
  • Effective communications – willing to listen and speak succinctly and respectfully
  • Creativity – ability to bring fresh perspectives and new ideas
  • Commitment to excellence – including attention to detail
  • Commercial acumen – understand the key drivers for the business

When individuals and teams can exhibit these characteristics and skills, there is a greater propensity for the team to ‘cut through’, reach consensus and drive positive outcomes.

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